Northern Ireland Easter Rally 29 March - 3 April 2024. Enniskillen Model Primary School.

We knew we were in the right area when we pulled up at Asda and several Motorhomes were in the car park at 3pm.
we all moved over the road to Enniskillen Model Primary School. We received a great welcome from the hosts. There were a few familiar faces as we met friends from previous MCC Nationals in England and Ireland.
Over the weekend there were 69 Motorhomes in attendance. 68 from Northern Ireland and 1 from Essex. A great programme was arranged by the Committee and the hosts.
Friday evening we played Bingo and that was followed by background music. We made more friends.
Saturday- In the morning there was flower arranging and Easter bonnet decorating. We walked around Enniskillen, So many shops nearby. Tesco and Asda were both just over the road from the school. So convenient. Paul Ralph provided the music and the floor was full all evening. We even did some line dancing although they were doing different steps to me. A raffle was held and we won a box of Celebrations. We made more friends. Music, drinking and chatting until the early hours.
Easter Sunday- Clocks had gone forward during the night so after a few hours in bed we were up and heading off to Easter Sunday Services. There was also a coffee morning and Number Plate draw followed by a Tropic pamper session with Alex Mellon. She held 2 raffles over the weekend and raised £100 for The Chairman’s Charity.
Sunday evening a Barbecue was provided. We had so much to eat. Burgers, Chicken, Sausages, Pasta Salad, Coleslaw, Cheese and Baps followed by Raspberry Cheesecake or Trifle and cream. The Barbecue was provided free by The Northern Ireland Group as a Thank you to members who have supported them.
Easter Monday - The school was on the route of The Apprentice Boys Easter Monday Parade in Enniskillen. Approximately 7500 people were in attendance. Around 40 bands took part in the parade. It was a great sight to see.
In the evening we played a game of ‘Truth or Lie’. I was in Team B which won. So we were the best liars or actors or just the best at sussing out the other team’s lies.
Tuesday - After lunch we walked up to the 600 year old Castle and museum and walked around Lough Erne in the sunshine.
Only 7 vans were left but we still met up in the hall. Sam Arlow told his ‘testimony’ about ‘Man Flu’. The Jury is still out on the verdict.
I did a short talk on ‘The joinmcc Card’ and explained how to use it. We made lots of memories and new friends. We hope to see some of them at The Festival and Warners shows in the future.
A few members could not attend because of illnesses or operations and they were missed. I know Selma McMullen had lots planned but the hosts and Committee did a wonderful job.
We had sunshine and rain during the rally but it didn’t spoil our enjoyment. Hopefully we will join a Northern Ireland Rally again in the future.
Teresa & Peter GUYVER