Minutes of the 22nd AGM (23rd year) for MCC NI Groups 24 & 42, held on 1st October 2022   In Sperrin Integrated College, Magherafelt.
Attendance: A total of 84 Members attended the meeting on presentation of a valid membership card. Committee in attendance Joe McClune (Chairman), Irene Hewitt (Vice Chair/Secretary), Gary Little (Treasurer), Selma McMullan BEM (Honorary President), Rally Officer (Roy Dowie), Jenny Dowie (Insignia Officer) Committee members Robbie Hewitt, Paul Rixon and Lesley Rixon.  Apologies from committee members:  David Kyle-Ewing, Every Pirie and Victor Lennox. The Chairman Joe McClune opened the Meeting at 11.02am by Welcoming all the Members. 

Formal Notice: was read by Irene Hewitt, Secretary Groups 22 & 42 “I hereby announce that this meeting is the 22nd Annual General Meeting of the Northern Ireland Group of The Motorcaravanners‟ Club Ltd and that the meeting is now convened. “Members” observed a minute silence in memory of “Absent Friends” who had passed away and those who had been bereaved since our last AGM. Chairman asked Secretary to read the Apologies from Members 

Apologies. David and Thelma Kyle-Ewing, Victor and Sandra Lennox, Evelyn and David Pirie, George & Diane Craig, William and Mary Cameron, Roley & Joephine McIntyre, Richard Fowler, Mrs June Boyd, John and Mary Hoey, Ian Hutton, Sheila Bell, John and Elaine Kerr, Tom and Julie Lowry, Alison Masters, Gary and Jenny Mathewson, William and Adeline McClenaghan, Alex and Ivan Mellon, Richard and Lillie Proctor, William and Debbie Tinsley, Tony and Mary Collier, Noel and Margaret Hanna, Isobel and Paul Leaver, Phillip and Heather Cardwell 

Introductions, Purpose and Process The Chairman introduced our Honorary President Selma McMullan B.E.M who was elected at the AGM in 2021. It was previously agreed that this position was for three years and as she had held it for one would continue for another two years. He said she had been a great help throughout the year helping with Rally venues. He informed the members that she also served on the Committee of Management. The Chairman went on to introduce the current committee members, how long they served and who was not seeking re-election. Finally, he introduced for the benefit of any one who did not know him, his name, and that he would not be seeking re-election. He then explained that the purpose of the meeting was to conduct the formal business of the Group and elect the committee for the 2022/2023 year. He said that the meeting was scheduled to last around 1 hour and advised the members that all decisions taken at this meeting will be binding on the 2022/2023 Committee to be elected later. The Chairman stated that the meeting was being held in compliance with “The Motor caravanners‟ Club Ltd” Constitution for Groups and our Group Supplementary document which was approved at the AGM on the 12th October 2019    

Minutes     The minutes of the AGM held in Portrush on 21st August 2021 have been available on the website. At the Members meeting on 9th July 2022 these minutes were taken as read. No matters were arising. They were proposed by Victor Lennox and seconded by David McFadden. Minutes of the Members meeting held in Regent House School, Newtownards on 9th July 2022 have been on website since July 2022. Taken as read. Proposed by Robert Grant and seconded by Robert McEwan. 

Chairman’s Report The Chairman began by saying that he wanted to take the opportunity on behalf of the members to thank every member of the committee who had served with him during his term of office. Without the support of committee members we would not have enjoyed the success we have had this year. Having had a difficult start coming back from Covid restriction there were many disruptions but once regulations had been reduced we had really got going. Regular attendance at rallies by members gave us that support. We won two shields. One for most new members and the other for retention of members. There were 98 new memberships since the new committee started last August. He welcomed all new and returning members to the Club. Currently with groups 24 and 42 we have 354 fully paid up memberships. The Chairman concluded by thanking all who had donated, worked hard behind the scenes and helped run table sales to raise the £590 which would be presented to Joanne Smith on behalf of Cancer Focus NI following the AGM and Members meeting. He thanked Ruth Ross and her band of workers for what looked like a well prepared lunch he was looking forward to. He thanked the Treasurer Gary Little for simplifying the role and attending the majority of rallies this year Giving up his Saturday mornings to collect the fees. And finally, he thanked the members for the faith they had put in him. He reminded them that their attendance made the group very successful. That without them we would be nothing.  He ended by saying that the committee made the decisions for the members and as such with having so many members that it is impossible to please everyone. We can please some of the people some of the time, and most of the people most of the time but we can’t please all of the people all of the time. Thank you. Chairman’s report was proposed by Victor McFadden and seconded by Ann Grant. Agreed by all. 

Treasurer’s Report.   The treasurer’s report was delivered by Gary Little. A copy of the accounts that had been prepared by Peter Gribben of Hill Vellacott, Chartered Accountants was included in the welcome pack. Gary advised the club had operated on a surplus of over £2,000, largely due to cessation of loyalty vouchers increasing rally revenue. Overall income and expenditure was broadly in line with a standard rally year, the only negatives being losses caused by cancelled Moynalty event and trailer sponsorship. However, trailer spend was reduced by minimal use. On basis of our performance the recommendation is that fees will remain as they are for the foreseeable future. No questions were raised regarding the Treasurer’s report.     The chairman stated that the report was based on actual income and expenditure and recommended that it be approved.  Acceptance of the report was proposed by David Morrison and seconded by Gus Sterling and agreed by all present. 

Election of Committee for 2021/2022      The Chairman asked the Honorary President Selma McMullan to take over the Chair in order that the election of the new Committee for the year 2019/2020 could take place as per the guidance laid down in the Constitution. At this point all the current members of the committee vacated their posts. The Honorary President took the Chair and began by thanking the outgoing Committee for their hard work over the previous year and said that the success of the Group was down to the dedication of the committee. She explained that those standing for election had been properly proposed, seconded and signed their willingness to accept a term in post in accordance with the Constitution. Only one nomination had been received for each post so voting would be by a show of hands. The proposed Chairman had presented a letter as to why he was unable to be present and after Robert Grant had asked if this was all legal and had been given reassurances The proposed Chairman David Kyle-Ewing  was duly elected along with Secretary – Irene Hewitt; Treasurer – Paul Rixon; Rally Officer – Roy Dowie; Committee – Robbie Hewitt; Lesley Rixon; Jenny Dowie; Eleanor McFadden; Victor Lennox. Vice Chair remains vacant. The Honorary President closed the meeting at 11.32 by thanking everyone for attending and invited them to remain for the Members Meeting after which lunch would be served. 

Independent Accounts Examiner.    Peter Gribben of Hill Vellacott, Chartered Accountants, had again prepared the accounts which he has done for the last 10 years and it was recommended that he be appointed for the 2022/2023 year. This was proposed by Dessie Ross, seconded by Gus Stirling and approved by all the members.   

Irene Hewitt Secretary Groups 24 & 42 Approved and signed by Chairman