Northern Ireland groups 24 & 42 Minutes of             Members meeting held in Sperrin Integrated College, Magherafelt.    On 1st October 2022

Selma McMullan B.E.M. Honorary President standing in for newly elected Chairman David Kyle-Ewing called the meeting to order at 11.35am

The Honorary President thanked everyone for their attendance. She said the purpose of this member’s meeting was to give them an opportunity to ask questions or make suggestions for the better running of the group. Meeting scheduled to last an hour but was not a deadline. Decisions taken at this meeting would not be binding on committee. However, any issues raised would receive due consideration and feedback given through web site.

Open Forum. Asked Secretary if any written questions had been submitted. As none had been, she asked if anyone had any they would like to put forward. Reminding them that any questions not submitted in writing would be discussed by committee and they would inform members of decisions

  1.  At this point Albert Everett stood to his feet. Having, only been in the Club for six months, he wanted everyone to know how impressed he and his wife were by the friendliness of our club. He had never in all his years of being in clubs ever experienced one like it. I would like it noted that all appeared very surprised by what seemed his graciousness and high praise and intervention at this time in the proceedings. He was thanked for his kind words.            
  2. Robert McEwan stood up to ask the question why he had not been able to use his vouchers from the      Club. Secretary expressed her regret that she had misinformed him on this occasion as it was not a special rally. This will be discussed at a committee meeting when Chair is present.      
  3. Joe Little, previous Chairman stood up to Congratulate all the new Committee. He noted from Joe Mcclune’s chairman’s report the mention of the club’s success. He cautioned that with success came major challenges. Notably venues which can’t accommodate larger amounts of vans using the six metre rule. Also, the difficulty of getting Bands since Covid. Some having decided to give up and not return to this activity. Increased prices both by bands and venues needed consideration if prices for rallies are to remain low. He congratulated in his absence the new Chairman and asked if he would be willing on his return to set a future date for a Members Meeting. It was agreed by members this would be      appreciated. An answer will be given in due course.      

As no more questions from the members were forth coming the meeting ended at 11.49. The members were invited to partake of lunch provided by Ruth Ross, Agnes Adair and her team of ladies, on behalf of the Committee.

Addendum; Having over looked asking the Members at the open forum, Members present at the Coffee morning the following day was asked if any one present would like to buy the Trailer as not getting full use of it and no sponsorship would be forth coming. No one in the hall responded. Informed that we would make all the members aware that it was now for sale both on the Web site and Facebook page.

Irene Hewitt. Secretary. Groups 24 & 42.

Approved and signed by Honorary President on behalf of Chairman as duly elected in his absence.