N I Groups 24 & 42 Members Meeting Minutes Saturday 19th August 2023 Model School, 3 Castlecoole Road. Enniskillen. BT74 6HZ     10.30hrs. Chairman called the meeting to order. Apologies from three committee members, Roy Dowie, Jenny Dowie and Iris McEwan.   

  • The Chairman welcomed the members to the meeting and stated that this meeting was to give members the opportunity to ask questions. The meeting scheduled to last an hour but this was not a deadline. Four questions had been received in advance of the meeting. All other questions would be given due consideration.
  • Questions for committee to consider for members meeting on 19th August 2023.
  • 1.The club seems to be struggling to get rally hosts & I think the recent changes away from the voucher scheme hasn’t helped
    Yes your hosting weekend is FOC but it’s a busy weekend The voucher giving points to another weekend when you can come & go as you please was a bit of an incentive
    I do feel bad raising this as
    1 yes you are working for “your” club & should be proud to do so !
    2 the committee have a much bigger commitment and not rewarded which doesn’t seem right either !!!
    Unfortunately that’s many people’s attitudes these days
    Maybe being allowed to be in the number plate draw might entice some people as it’s an impartial draw - after all hosts can buy raffle tickets & enter it ?
    Just a few reasons in my mind as to perhaps why people won’t come forward. Arlene Campbell.
  • David Gilmore asked if the Chairman would name the person who had asked the question. This was done.
  • Response by committee. The Chairman stated at this time that it was agreed at the committee meeting the previous night that a voucher for doing a rally report would start to be given out. Also hosts can be entered into the number plate draw.
  • David Gilmore asked at this point that the chairman would let the members know who were currently on the committee.

  • Response: Chairman David Kyle Ewing, Hugh Harvey Treasurer, Irene Hewitt Secretary,
  • Roy Dowie Rally officer Eleanor McFadden, Jenny Dowie, Sam Arlow, Robbie Hewitt, David Davidson, Gordon McElveen, Iris McEwan committee members.
  • Question2. While preparing to host a recent rally I thought about the paper used to print the welcome sheets & roughly 26 rallies per year I would imagine everyone over prints as they don’t want to run out so I worked out roughly 1300 sheets of paper used & wouldn’t like to guess how many are well read & recycled. Many people now have access to the Facebook group could the welcome sheet not be posted on there and a copy available at the host van to take a picture of or to view for reference for those not on Facebook? Just seems a lot of wasted paper
    The quiz obviously still needs to be printed for everyone to take part. Arlene Campbell.
  • Response: After consideration the committee thought that purchasing a printer to be used at the rally, in the event, the initial amount printed is insufficient, would be a good idea. As a lot of people like to have one given to them. Also, not everyone is computer minded or on the Facebook page.

  • Question 3 & 4 Have been removed at the request of the MCCNI Members.
  • The Treasurer said that since the loyalty scheme ended that the club has been running with a Surplus. The current treasurer stated that the accounts were in surplus when Gary Little had the accounts following the deficits incurred due to loyalty scheme and Covid etc.
  • There was no suggestion that the committees of the last 2 years had made a loss in fact both had made a considerable profit.  The current treasurer stated that the accounts were in surplus when Gary Little had the accounts 21-22 following the deficits incurred due to loyalty scheme and Covid etc. At this point the Chairman asked for both Joe and Gary to take a seat as it was not appropriate for two persons to be against one.
  • Dessie Ross stood up and praised the Chairman for his leadership this year and congratulated the Committee for working through all problems that had beset them. He urged the chairman to consider re standing at the upcoming AGM.
  • He received an applause response.
  • The Chairman asked if anyone else would like to ask any questions. Marshal Kirkpatrick said that the reason he had stopped doing rally hosting was because Markethill had been taken off him. As this was some time ago the Chairman said he was sorry that this had been the case but he could not shed light on the reasons as it was before his time. He asked the honorary President Selma McMullan who had done rally officer in the past if she could shed light on it. She said she would look into it and see if a solution could be found.
  • The Chairman told the members that David Davidson had suggested we go further afield. He had located a site suitable in Cavan. This received good support when a show of hands was asked for. This will start to further include our members in group 42. The chairman said that insurance would have to be looked into.

As there were no further questions from the floor meeting closed at 10.58am Approved and Signed by Chairman