What another wonderful weekend in Portrush Primary School. We were all warmly greeted by the Coalter Family (with a little help from the Willis’s and Murphy’s who were in training for the next rally in Portadown!!!) 

Even though we had 36 vans in on the Friday night it was very quiet, but the nights are getting shorter and colder and everybody was nice and warm in their Motorhomes. 

As it was supposed to be the Air Show weekend we were treated to an Aerobatic display of 2 helicopters going overhead on Saturday morning. Some headed to Coleraine on the Train to do some shopping and also visit the Car Boot Sale. A further 4 vans arrived during the day. 

On Saturday night some members were entertained by our visitor from England, Peter Johnston, who played a few tunes on his guitar.

As usual, Sunday morning came around too soon, and it was time for everyone to pack up and go home. 

There were 2 prize winners for the Quiz and Dingbats – Cynthia Willis and Diane Waide.

 Hope to see you all soon in Portadown on 17 September 2021

Yvonne Little

See photos by Irene Hewitt in Gallery