Temporary Campsite 4th to 6th June 2021 

Gibson Primary School Omagh was this weekend’s venue and it was Friday again. Great to get out and hopefully this is it for the foreseeable future. When we arrived Friday we were greeted by Flo and Winnie, wee chat and then waved into place by two masked men with hats, well one man and a young fellow (thought maybe it was Enda’s grandson). 39 vans later I realised when the masks were off it was Martin, even Martin thought it was funny. 

Well the chairs and BBQs were out in full force on Saturday night after a bit of retail therapy in the afternoon. Quite a few of the ladies had not one but two bags. The shops must have had a ball.

We had two new members Mr and Mrs T Dempster at their first rally. 

Thanks again to Enda Flo Martin and Winnie.

Eleanor McFadden

See photos by Roy Smith in Gallery