Temporary Campsite at Foyle College April 30th to May 2nd 2021 

This was our first gathering since March 2020. Over thirteen months of non-activity during these very difficult times.  It has been a great inconvenience to us all but we have to remember the deaths and sickness all around us and indeed around the entire planet earth, so our inability to enjoy our motor-homes does fall somewhat short of what others have suffered. 

In any case on to our rally or to be precise, our temporary campsite. It was a great opportunity, being quite a distance to the banks of the Foyle to get that much needed run for our beloved vehicles. Engine oils, transmission fluids, brake oils and brake pads all benefited from this outing. A lot of us were like beginners again finding out how to do this and that around the vehicles. 

Foyle college was a beautiful setting and on our arrival at 5.00pm the sun was  glorious.  We first met Gary and Yvonne Little who booked us in and explained the new procedure of payment and of course, rules regarding covid-19. Gary Little and David Gilmore then proceeded to park every one up. There was a total of 41 vans arrived, all be it one arrived on the Saturday. 

Not being able to avail of the schools indoor facilities we it was a somewhat restricted meet but it did reveal the green shoots of normality and hopefully in the near future we will look back at this short blink in time and cast it from our minds. 

Saturday was a fabulous day and everybody either relaxed in the sun or made their way into the City Centre. Quite a few bikes were produced, mostly electric; I wonder why, but in any case the cycle paths were a joy to behold. 

Just to prove that even in these difficult times progress continues with the appearance of a new van. Congratulations to Ivan and Ann Hill may you have many years of pleasure with your new vehicle. 

The Committee had the opportunity to have a much overdue face to face meeting in many months. 

Looking forward to seeing you all at our next outing at Portrush 14th to 16th May.

Enda & Florence Carolan