Rally report at Portrush Primary School 9th to 11th September 2022

Well, the weekend didn’t get off to a great start with Her Majesty passing away and lots of venues were being cancelled. One being the Air Show, but the MCCNI went ahead and what a great weekend.  

Starting with being welcomed by our hosts Ernie and Sue Corry and Harry and Jane Aston. 60 vans attended the venue and new members included the Jenning’s, the Douglas’s the Magee’s the Myles’s and the McCann’s who are all very welcome to the club. Welcome also to visitors from North East England the Barkers and the Grimes.  

New van was Keith and Colleen Kirkpatrick. Birthdays were Megan Dyer and Alan Fluke and happy anniversary to William and Lisa Dyer.  

Friday night I think all let their hair down and enjoyed making their planes and flying them, followed with a bit of banter and craic. Our resident DJ Gary supplied the music.  

All woke up to a beautiful Saturday morning which would have been perfect for the air show, but some retail therapy and sun bathing were caught up with. Saturday evening, we caught up with our friends and other members and Gary again played some music.  

Sunday morning number plate winners were Robert McEwan, Gary Baird and May McClintock. The quiz was won by Tommy Wade and I’m sure we would all wish Yvonne all the best on Thursday and hope all goes well.  

Eleanor and Victor McFadden