Well thank you Myself and Robbie Victor and Eleanor for being the main hosts at the Portrush rally. Fives days from Tuesday 8th to Sunday 13th August. Weather was reasonable kind. Other Marshalls included the Chairman and his wife Thelma. 

      Hugh and Moira Harvey, David and Christine, Adeline and William, Andy and Sam, Isaac and Pauline. Thank you all.

      To Adeline who took members cold water swimming most mornings, to Bridget who took a line dancing class, to Hailey and Brian who did a quick step class, to Victor for Bingo, to Moira and Victor for Last man standing. 

      David and Thelma for Play your cards right and Mr & Mrs. David for Skittles and Andy for horseshoe throwing, to Pauline who had two of us in bed for afternoon after Pilates Class, to Fireman Sam for Fire Talk, to Iris who helped amuse a couple of children who came along to our morning Kids time and helped out at our wine and cheese evening still have a bar of chocolate for Hunter who gave in a kid’s quiz sheet, to those who enjoyed a cycle ride to Portstewart, to Victor again who kept toilets checked and loo rolls on hand, to those who dressed the part for our Western style night. 

      Music was by Stuart Samuels. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the music. Feet were stamping and the line dancing classes and quick step classes paid off. Of course, I always thank last but not least My Robbie.  The guess how many sweets was won by Lillie Proctor. 

      Trevor, Enda and Betty won number plate draws. Three quizzes were put out and the winners were Flo, Andy and Sam. After a great week I returned home tired but very happy everything went well. See pictures in the gallery. Look forward to seeing you at Enniskillen next week. Irene Hewitt