NW200 weekend at Portrush, 12th -14th May 2023

Rally Hosts -  Irene & Robbie Hewitt with Vic & Eleanor McFadden.   

  A big turnout of 89 units were welcomed to Portrush Primary School for the very popular NW200 weekend.  The weather was kind with good weather during the days and the rain confined to the early hours of the morning. 

  Friday night started off with a well attended game of Bingo organised and run by Ann Grant, Iris McEwan and Ann Tarbotton with music afterwards provided by Robbie Hewitt. This always popular meet was enjoyed by everyone and many members were able to get an up close view of the motorcycle races on Saturday as we were not far from Metropole Corner, others were able to make good use of their time in the shops and restaurants and other premises of the ‘Port’.  

  Saturday evening saw a number of BBQ’s fired up before we congregated in the hall where we started the evening of with a great game of ‘Last Man Standing’ organised and run by Mary Collier ably assisted by several lady members. Once again the music was provided by the actual Last Man Standing, Robbie Hewitt. and many members were able to enjoy a dance.

   Sunday morning saw us all in the hall for the Coffee Morning and Number Plate Draw of which there were three winners. Neil Tarbotton, who is travelling to the FICC in Croatia in June with his wife Ann, made an appeal for any material relevant to our two groups, 24 & 42 to take with them to promote our lovely country. 

  We also welcomed several new members to their first rally :- Jonathan Rea, Roy and Lesley Porter Gemma Black and Colin Tate Elizabeth and Declan Yorke.  The rally was then closed and we all departed looking forward to our next gathering.