Holiday Rally Portrush Primary School 16th to 21st August 2022

We had all looked forward to this special rally all summer during a prolonged heatwave only to be told by our weather forecasters that the good weather was over on the very day before our start date. Isn't it as well sometimes they get it wrong . The heatwave might have been over but by and large we got some pretty good weather. 

The main hosts were Gary, Peter and Yvonne Little assisted by Enda and Flo, Martin and Winnie, Norman and Cynthia, Ellie Robinson, Billy Little and David and Thelma. Over the five days we had a total of 72 vans through the gates. Which was an excellent support and turnout. Gary had set out a daily quiz which was to be judged on a daily basis. This would have taken some time and effort to design and print, but I suspect Yvonne and Peter may well have been recruited to assist in this task.

Gary had a dome erected at the entrance which proved to be an excellent innovation providing a seat of learning, discussion and shelter for the morning coffee and croissants provided, brewed and heated by Yvonne.

Tuesday night started with a welcoming by Gary and Yvonne who met us with selection of wines and beer which made for a great opening to get this party started. Daily Quiz winner for Tuesday: Cynthia Willis.

Wednesday night was tabletop quiz which quickly showed us just how clever or maybe not so clever we all are, but in any case it was the “Weekenders” comprising of Harry, Arlene, Harry, Frances, Tommy and Diane who showed superior knowledge and beat the “Pepperpots” into second place. Daily Quiz Winner for Wednesday: Arlene Campbell.

Thursday night bingo was compered by Harry Aston and Tommy Wade who performed clearly and professional making it a great night for all. Daily Quiz Winner for Thursday: Martin Murphy.

Friday night was Blankety blank with Gary again being Compere for the night and after some surprisingly good answers and even some bad it was Hayley Warnock who beat Florence McClune into second place. Well done ladies. Daily Quiz Winner for Friday: Billy Little.

Now all this time during the week, with a mixed bag of weather, (generally good) Portrush had many attractions from shopping (Well the White House and that great hardware store) to bars, pubs and restaurants and of course the beach. Yes on most days a group of courageous souls braved the raging surf and let us know what tough means, but you can see by their vitality they were the winners and the rest of us wimps lost out. There was also a daily quiz carefully set again by Gary, but I suspect Yvonne played a part to some extent in the design and preparation of 5 separate quizzes. Not an easy task. Daily Quiz Winner for Saturday: Andy Clark.

Saturday Night: The highlight of the week: CLUB TROPICANA
What a night. All the tables were decorated in the best tropical fashion which included proper drinks like Pina Colada and Mia Tia with all the trimmings. The ladies went to special lengths and were resplendent in all manners of South Sea dress. The gents were adorned with a dazzling array of colourful shirts. Gary was playing an assortment of suitable music and at one stage Harry Campbell opened the windows and I kid you not, the soft breezes which floated through had the soft feel and smells of the South Seas. The dance floor was filled with colourful undulating bodies, grass skirts and hula hoops. Gary Little and Flo Carolan judged the best dress to be Arlene Campbell and best shirt to be Richard Ellis. It was a truly smashing night.

Sunday morning and a short address by our Chairman, Joe McClune followed by a round-up of various winners by Gary.

Number plate Draw 1. Jean Currie. 2 Evelyn Brennan. 3. Debbie Tinsley.

New vans. Billy Little, John and Joyce McMillen Health to drive for many years.

Birthdays. Sam Arlow, Joyce McMillen and John McClune, Many happy returns of the day.

Anniversary. Our esteemed Secretary Irene Hewitt and Robbie. 25 years and may you have many more.

Could we also welcome some new members Stephen McMillen. Richard and Helen Ellis. Kieran and Carol McKillop. Tammy Ann Moore. 

What a fabulous week and again huge thanks to Gary, Peter and Yvonne Little We do, and appreciate the massive effort you put into this event, we all know it could not have been easy.

Looking forward to seeing you all at Hillsborough on 2nd. To 4th. September. Please note start time 5.00pm.

Enda and Flo Carolan.

See photos in Gallery by Gary Little