Northern Ireland Groups 24 & 42          


Avoid unnecessary contact with the Stewards. If you need information, please telephone them. A face mask must be worn during any ‘face to face’ contact with the Stewards and social distancing must be maintained when possible. If you or any member of your family group develops Covid-19 symptoms you should notify the Steward by telephone and immediately leave and return home. 

Payment by card, preferably Contactless, will be taken at the Steward’s shelter between 10.30am and 11.30am on Saturday. 


Vouchers will be accepted. 

Visitors will not be permitted on site. 

The Venue 

  • There will no access to toilets or buildings.
  • Fresh water will be available. You are advised to wear rubber gloves and use the sanitiser provided to clean the tap before and after use. Maintain 2-metres social distance from other users.
  • Toilet and Grey water emptying will be in the marked location. There is no requirement for you to handle any equipment at the emptying point. Maintain 2-metres social distance from other users.
  • Avoid unnecessary handling of hard surfaces.
  • Bins MUST NOT be touched or used under any circumstances – please take you refuse home.

 Social Activities 

  • There is no hall available and therefore there will be no arranged social gatherings or entertainment of any kind.
  • There will be no Quiz
  • There will be no Coffee Morning or Entry Number draw.

 Social Gatherings / Social Interaction  

There is to be no socialising in motorhomes with anyone who is not in your household ‘Bubble’. From 30 April, up to 15 people (including children) from no more than 3 households can meet up outdoors, but you should maintain social distancing. Do not chop and change the composition of your bubble. Should you meet and stop to chat with someone wear a face mask and maintain a social distance. 

Group Rules 

The usual rules printed on pages 6 & 7 of your Group Handbook must also be observed. 

Everyone to be off site by 2.00pm. 

Stay Alert, Stay Safe, Protect the Health of Yourself, Fellow Members and the community.