When I became Group Chairman in October 2014, thanks to the efforts of previous Committees, we had a very healthy balance in the bank. And, it had been made very clear that the balance should be reduced for the benefit of Members attending rallies. This is what we have been doing and as a result our annual accounts have shown a significant deficit year on year. Some time ago the bank balance had been reduced to the point where action needed to be taken and indeed I gave notice of this at the Member’s Meeting on 3 May 2019 when I said, “whilst there has been some adjustments, mainly through the Points System, rally fees are basically the same as when I joined in 2010. Committee have decided to review the financial situation at the end of the current financial year, and this may result in stopping the awarding of points for rally attendance.” 

The review was conducted on 3 August 2019 and it was decided that any change to the points system should be postponed. 

An exercise carried out in February 2020 showed that there was an average loss of £79 per rally and this correlated quite closely with the 2018/19 deficit of £1,728. At that stage members were awarded 4 points for attending a 2-night rally, excluding special rallies such as the NW 200. When they accumulated 40 points, they received a voucher which entitled them to a free 2-night rally. This equated to a discount of £1.50 per rally attended. At a special committee meeting held on 14 March 2020 the following was agreed: 

  • We could not continue running rallies at a loss.
  • That we would stop awarding points for rally attendance with effect from 31 July 2020.
  • The system would be ended as follows:
  • Any member with less than 9 points would not receive a voucher.
  • Any member with between 10 and 29 points would receive a 20-point voucher.
  • Any member with between 30 and 40 points would receive a 40-point voucher.
  • Vouchers due under 3 above would be sent out with the 2021 Rally Programme booklet.

Committee has since decided that, due to the interruption to our rally programme, all vouchers in circulation would be honoured for a 12-month period commencing on the date we hold our first rally or temporary campsite in 2021. 

It should be noted that vouchers are not transferable between members. Or more plainly, you can only tender a voucher which has been issued to you personally. 

The stopping of attendance points mean that fees for a standard 2-night rally will in future be £15.00 – still very good value for 2 nights parking with entertainment thrown in. 

In bringing the attendance points system to a close I want to thank successive Treasurers, Betty Stewart, Geraldine Brown and Gary Little, for the considerable amount of work they did in managing the system. 

Joseph S Little 

Chairman                                                                       2 December 2020