As this is my first statement as chairman, I would like to thank the members for electing me at the AGM. I hope I don’t disappoint you. I will do my best to follow after Joe Little who did a fantastic job. 

I welcome the following members onto the committee: Irene Hewitt as secretary and vice chair who has got off to a flying start in her position as secretary. Norman Willis as rally officer who has great enthusiasm and has already progressed with next years bookings. Martin Murphy as webmaster, who has also shown his hidden talent with technology. 

On the members behalf I wish to thank Gary Little for continuing as treasurer. This is a difficult job and he has really been great in this post since last year. Well done for streamlining the rally fees which has taken a lot of responsibility from rally hosts who do not now collect and balance cash payments. 

I also thank Billy Cameron and Robbie Hewitt for joining the committee also thanks to Selma McMullan, and Evey Pirie for continuing as committee members, they will be great assets to the committee and club. 

Covid has been causing difficulties for all of us in our lives. However, we cannot let it steal all the joy out of life. We all have the blessing of having a Motorhome which gives us freedom to travel with our bed behind us. The club has had to adjust to an ever changing situation, but it gives us the opportunity to meet with friends in a safe environment, and the opportunity to make new friends. At a rally, we have the comfort too knowing that if we need help, we have it. The rally area is secure and safe. Even in the cold we have been able to have a great time laughing together and listening to great and varied music (even though some of us have heavy coats, scarfs, blankets and some even water bottles with us). Some of course still are wearing shorts. 

So come to the rallies, don’t let Covid win, come intending to enjoy yourself, introduce yourself to someone you don’t know yet, welcome new members, LIVE LIFE, and KEEP SAFE. 

Joe Mcclune chairman