Notice of Meetings

Northern Ireland Groups 24 & 42   

Annual General Meeting (AGM) The 21st Annual General Meeting of the Northern Ireland Groups will be held at Portrush Primary School on Saturday 21st August at 11.00 am.    

Members Meeting The AGM will be followed by a Members Meeting at 12.00 noon. If a member wishes to present a topic for discussion at this meeting it would be helpful if they would notify our Secretary, David Gilmore, in person or by telephone before 20th August. There will also be an opportunity for Members to raise topics from the floor. 

Unless there is a major change in the Covid-19 Regulations these meetings will be held in the open air. If necessary, Committee plan to utilise temporary shelters including motorhome awnings.  

Minutes of the AGM held on 12th October 2019 and the EGM held 14th February 2020 are available for perusal on the website and will be displayed on a notice board at the venue.  

Copies of the accounts for the financial year ended 31stJuly 2021 will be available from our Treasurer, Gary Little.  

Joseph S Little 


3rd August 2021