Message No 6 from our Chairman - 26 January 2021

Dear Members

 When Covid-19 first hit us, we were often told we were living in unprecedented times. It can now be said that we are living in uncertain and unpredictable times. 

As an optimist by nature, I had hoped that we would have been able to start meeting again by mid-March, exactly one year after our last St. Patrick’s rally in Downpatrick. 

The current level of infections and sadly, deaths, coupled with the new strains of the virus are understandably making the Scientists and Politicians very cautious. With the Northern Ireland ‘Lockdown’ now in place until 5th March it is evident, we will have to wait a while longer. 

The news coverage at the weekend was particularly gloomy as it is now being reported that even after vaccination and the 3-week period required to develop immunity we may still be carriers with the potential to continue to spread the virus. This suggests to me that our social contacts will be restricted for a long time. 

When we finally get back to meeting up it will most likely be in the form of Temporary Campsites (TCs) with very limited contact with others. And since all our venues are at schools up until the middle of July, I anticipate that we will not have access to buildings or indeed toilets until the virus is under control. 

Many of you will be aware that the 2021 North West 200 has been cancelled. Even though there will be no racing we have decided to keep the date in our programme in the hope that we will be able to hold a Temporary Campsite. 

When we are allowed to re-start our programme a news item will be published on the Website and a Text will also be issued. Group Members can register for the text service by contacting our Secretary / Webmaster, David Gilmore. In the meantime, STAY SAFE, with hope for better times ahead. 


Group Chairman 

26th January 2021