Message No 3 from our Chairman - 3 September 2020

Dear Members

At long last I can bring you some good news. The Club has given us permission to organise ‘Temporary Campsites’ which are essentially rallies without any social activities.

As I said in a previous message it will be a considerable length of time before we will be able to hold rallies where we can have full social interaction but the temporary campsite idea will at least provide members with a place to park beside their friends.

The first of these will take place at Sperrin Integrated College, Magherafelt from Friday 2nd until Sunday 4th October. If it is a success more such events will be organised.

The cost will be £15 for the 2-night event and Members are requested to attend both nights as payment will be taken between 10.30 and 11.30am on Saturday morning. Vouchers will be accepted

In all areas of life, whether it be work or leisure, if risk cannot be eliminated it must be managed and controlled. It is evident that Covid-19 will be with us for a long time and so special measures to manage and control the risk have been developed.

If you plan to attend the campsite in Magherafelt you MUST read the document headed ‘Control Measures for Temporary Campsites under Covid-19 Conditions,’ which is also published in Group News. If Members attending temporary campsites follow the guidance in this document, I am satisfied that there is a very low level of risk.

Members should also read the ‘Temporary Campsite – Information Sheet’ which will be published on the Website by 25th September. It will include the latest Northern Irelands Regulations on social distancing. 

We will of course be cautious in our approach and if there is a significant increase in risk from Covid-19 we will not hesitate to cancel planned events.

I look forward to welcoming members to our first ‘post lockdown’ event but in the meantime stay alert and stay safe.

Finally, I want to inform you that Enda Carolan is now our Group Rally Officer. His contact number is already published in your Handbook.

Joe Little

Group Chairman                                                                                3 September 2020