Message No 1 from Chairman re CoviD-19

Dear Members

As we approach the end of our 4th week in ‘Lockdown’ and faced with the prospect of at least another 3 weeks of isolation, I want to take this opportunity to send our good wishes and share some optimism for the future.

I have not been made aware of any of our Members having suffered illness from Covid-19.   I do hope that this is the case and trust that you all remain safe and well.

Thankfully, Roberta and I and all our family are in good health and doing our best to enjoy the good weather.

Of course, not all of us have the benefit of staying safe in our own homes. Key workers, including many of our Members, especially those who work in NHS and Social Care jobs take daily risks with their own personal wellbeing to keep the essential services running in this time of crisis. They all deserve our heartfelt thanks and best wishes.

I have been made aware that some of our Members are making incredibly good use of both their talents and the ‘enforced holiday’ by making gowns and face masks. They too deserve our sincere thanks.  

When the ban on social gatherings was introduced, we took the decision that we would cancel rallies a maximum 28 days in advance so that we could take advantage of any change of circumstances. This has meant that we have missed out on several great venues and events and unfortunately more will go the same way. Some decisions have been taken out of our hands; the North West 200 has been cancelled by the organisers as has the National Rally and Moynalty Steam Threshing Festival.

Looking with hope to the future I can assure you that we are monitoring the situation very carefully and be assured that we will start the rallies again when it is considered safe to do so. It may well be that some of the venues will not be available to us and if this is the case, we will do everything possible to find alternatives to get us back doing what we really enjoy.

Please continue to take all the precautions you can to protect your own health and that of your loved ones, stay safe and hopefully we will be able to meet again in the not too distant future.

Joe and Roberta Little

He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope has everything.” (Thomas Carlyle)