From The Chairman for the information of all.Our Welcome Sheet has recently disappeared at rallies.  I have had several enquiries regarding this issue. Members will be glad to know that the Welcome Sheet, handed to all those attending MCC NI rallies, meets etc. will be made available to all attending any further rallies with immediate effect. This decision has been taken with the health and safety of our members being a top priority. The welcome sheet has important information about the weekend’s events, where and what time they take place. Hosts contact details, Local Taxies, Doctors, the local area attractions etc.  Also the MCCNI rally rules on what you can and can’t do at a rally, whilst maintaining a safe environment for all who attend. This is very important for everyone especially new members and visitors.To protect the MCCNI and our members it is necessary that everyone receives a welcome sheet on arrival.The club secretary can be contacted if any hosts have difficulty in printing Welcome sheets out for their rally.Note: There is a welcome sheet master copy with guide lines of what must be recorded in the hosts box. Thank you all.David.MCCNI Chairman.