I take this opportunity on behalf of the committee to wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year. I have a few points to make and I hope you as members will take these on board to help the club through what looks like another difficult year due to the covid virus.    

  1. Dinner Dance:            This one is outside our control. I have been in contact with the La Mon over the past 2 months re our dinner dance as the situation re covid was changing. I have waited until now to give you an update just in case the executive would have changed the restrictions on Thursday re dancing, which of course was highly unlikely. As dancing will not be allowed and the virus is spreading rapidly, the committee along with the La Mon have decided to cancel the event. They have agreed to waiver the cancellation charge which is good of them.  Those who have booked rooms and have decided not to go are required to cancel directly with the hotel.      


  1. Unfortunately the hosts for Enniskillen on the 28th January are now unable to host. We are asking for volunteers to step up as if we cannot get hosts the rally will have to be cancelled. This would not be a satisfactory outcome, but as mainly committee members have been hosting the last number of rallies, it would be unfair to rely on them only. Please contact either Selma or myself if you can help.      


  1. The committee is short in numbers and we would welcome anyone who feels they can contribute to the successful running of our club going forward into this new year. Please contact myself if you are interested.      


Joe McClune  Chairman