I wish to inform the Members of the MCCNI Groups 24 & 42 that as per guidance laid down by the Constitution, the following members, were duly elected at the Annual General meeting which took place on 1st October 2022. being the 22nd AGM (23rd Year of) in Sperrin Integrated College, Magherafelt. All elected members had been properly proposed, seconded and had signed their willingness to accept a term in post. Only one nomination for each post had been received so voting was on a show of hands. (Full minutes will be posted shortly after approval by our outgoing Chair, Joe McClune).

Duly Elected: 

Chairman David Kyle-Ewing 

Vice Chair (post still vacant) 

Secretary Irene Hewitt 

Treasurer Paul Rixon 

Rally Officer Roy Dowie 

Safety Officer Victor Lennox 

Host officer Lesley Rixon 

Insignia Jenny Dowie 

Signage etc Robbie Hewitt 

Committee Eleanor McFadden 

Three remaining committee seats are available and if any members wish to join the duly elected please contact anyone of them.

Secretary Irene Hewitt Groups 24 &42