Northern Ireland Groups 24 & 42

Control Measures for Temporary Campsites under Covid-19 Conditions

The Club has instructed that the term ‘Temporary Campsite’ be used to distinguish planned events from ‘Rallies,’ which would imply that there would be social activities. 

The following control measures, which are derived from the Club’s Covid-19 Risk Assessment document, will be implemented for these temporary campsites:-

1.     To comply with Club instructions these events will be bookable in advance until further notice.

2.     An information sheet including the latest Northern Ireland Regulations on social distancing will be printed at least 48 hours in advance and placed in a Poly Pocket. It will also be published on the website under Group News.

3.     Members will be required to wear a face mask on arrival, and during all contact with the Stewards.

4.     Stewards will always be required to wear a face mask or visor and suitable protective gloves when dealing with Members. 

5.     On arrival Members will be instructed to remain in their motorhome. 

6.     The Steward should approach the MH, hand-over an Information Sheet as quickly as possible and then step back the appropriate social distance. 

7.     Stewards should stress that the Information Sheet must be read as soon as the Member is parked. 

8.     Each occupant of the MH to be asked if they have any Covid-19 symptoms. If so, they must leave the venue as quickly as possible. 

9.     The following details are to be recorded and kept for a minimum of 21 days:

•     Registration number of the MH

•     Name of each occupant

•     Mobile telephone number

•     Membership number

10.     Membership numbers shall be checked ‘online’ by the Secretary.

11.     Stewards to direct parking with strict adherence to the minimum 6m parking space.

12.     If friends want to park together, they must arrive together. 

13.     There shall be NO ‘door to door’ parking. The rule which requires motorhomes to leave the site by driving forward has been suspended until further notice.

14.     Visitors will not be permitted on site.

15.     There will be no recruitment of new members at these events due to the paperwork and face to face contact required. Potential members should be directed to the Club website or have their details taken for follow-up by the Secretary. 

16.     Card payment will be taken at the Steward’s shelter between 11.30 am and 1.00 pm on the first full day of the event.  Ideally this will be ‘Contactless’ but if not, the card reader must be sanitised after the member enters their PIN. Cash payment will only be accepted as a last resort and the correct fee must be tendered.

17.     Vouchers will be accepted.  

18.     The venue:- 

•     Additional signage relating to Covid-19 precautions to be displayed by the Stewards.

•     There will be no access to toilets or buildings.

•     Fresh water will be available. Sanitiser will be provided, and members will be advised to clean the tap before and after use. Social distancing to be observed.

•     Toilet and Grey water emptying will be available. There is no requirement for members to handle the equipment. Social distancing to be observed. 

19.     Social Activities:-

•     There will be no hall available and therefore there will be no arranged social gatherings or entertainment of any kind. 

•     There will be no Quiz

.•     There will be no Coffee Morning or Entry Number draw. 

•     Any social gathering amongst friends must be in strict accordance with the NI Direct Covid-19 Regulations in force at the time of the event. These will be detailed in the Information Sheet.Anyone failing to obey the regulations will, in the first instance, be spoken to and if necessary, they will be required to leave the venue.

•     Children must be supervised by, and are, the sole responsibility of their parents or guardians. 

•     Serious breaches of the Regulations will be dealt with by the Group Chairman or Vice Chairman. 

20.      Provision of PPE:-

•     Members will be required to provide their own face coverings, sanitiser, paper towels and disinfectant wipes. 

•     The Stewards will be provided with all necessary PPE, sanitiser, disinfectant, paper towels etc. for their personal protection and cleaning of equipment. 

•     A bin will be made available at the Stewards shelter for disposal of used PPE. Contents to be double bagged for disposal.

Joseph S Little, Group Chairman                                             19 April 2021