N I Groups 24 & 42 22nd Annual General Meeting, (23rd Year) Saturday 1st October 2022 at 11.00 am 


1. Chairman’s welcome. 

2. Secretary to read the Formal Notice. 

3. Minute’s silence. 

4. Introductions, purpose and process. 

5. Apologies. 

6. Minutes of AGM held on 21st August 2021 and Members Meeting held 9th July 2022 (taken as read) Previous Members meeting on 21st August having been taken as read and proposed by Victor Lennox and seconded by David McFadden at the said members meeting on 9th July 2022. 

7. Matter arising. 

8. Chairman’s report. 

9. Treasurer’s report. 

10. Election of Group Committee. 

11. Election of person to examine accounts. 

12. Formal closure. 

Joe McClune