I want to let you know that the committee have decided to hold the 2021 Annual General Meeting on 21st August, subject of course to the lifting of restrictions on association and the availability of a venue. 

Group members need to be aware that 6 of the existing committee have declared that they will not be seeking re-election at the AGM. They are: 

  • Joe Little – Chairman
  • David Gilmore – Vice-Chair, Secretary and Webmaster
  • Enda Carolan – Rally Officer
  • George Craig – Committee Member
  • Ben Robinson – Committee Member
  • Norman Willis – Committee Member

Our Group Supplementary Document makes provision for 12 committee positions with a minimum of 4 and the Club’s Constitution for Groups requires that the 3 elected positions of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer must be filled for the Group to be allowed to function. 

The position of Honorary President will also become vacant, Dessie Ross having served 4 years as there was no AGM held in 2020. 

The group was formed more than 20 years ago and through the years it has been a source of great enjoyment for countless members. Those who attend rallies will be aware of what we have been missing over the last 14 months. 

I am concerned for the future of our Group and I appeal to the membership in general to start thinking about whether they personally will take on responsibility, or if not who they would wish to persuade and nominate to serve on committee. Put bluntly if we do not elect a working committee the Group will fail and due to our geography there is no other Group for us to join or amalgamate with.  

The current office holders are willing to provide information on the duties of their posts and answer any questions prospective nominees may have. Please do not hesitate to contact them – they are very approachable.  

Nomination Forms for Committee and Honorary President positions, that you can download are attached below. Nomination Forms will also be available from the Chairman or Secretary at events between now and the AGM. 

Joe Little